Work Life Balance for the corporate woman

World over there are several studies indicative of 21st Century working women at a threshold of work-life challenge leading to inefficiency and rising cost for the employers.


A particular study last year, in fact, put the Indian Working Woman at the highest risk of stress, raising an alarm bell among the corporate sector which is increasingly trying to hire more women for good diversity. According to the Nielsen survey on 6500 women from 21 countries, 87% of the Indian women felt stressed most of the time, and 82% had no time to relax. Ironically the survey points a finger at Indian companies and workplaces for creating such condition.



However, the brighter side is that most of these challenges appear to be self inflicting and can be addressed with right counseling and self awareness. Most of these challenges and stress can be managed with appropriate training interventions.


Apprehending the situation, One of India’s leading Insurance company hired Competence Learning to design and deliver a program for their women workforce.


The ‘Work life balance for corporate woman’ workshop is a custom made training module for today’s working woman.


It helps in enhancing the working woman’s efficiency by making her more self aware and developing techniques & skills for reducing stress and managing the Work Life Balance. The workshop focuses on working women specific challenges and techniques to combat and manage those challenges. The value proposition to the Organization is not just retention and inclusivity but also increased productivity.


CL Implemented a four step process for enhanced effectiveness of the learning process :


1. Explore the participants’ mindset to capture current ability, mechanism to cope with stress and trigger points responsible for Stress.

2. Implement the workshop basis the information gathered and use that in the workshop for creating an effective individual response plan for each participant.

3. Follow up with another round of survey after the workshop, to register difference in approach or practice of the participants;

4. Based on the survey identify more need/pain areas and recommend workshop to tackle the same.


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