Competency based interviewing skills

They say only right questions get right answers. It holds true in an organisation where hiring of the Right talent is an outcome more of right interviewing skills than a good candidate. Competence learning has delivered to its client several sessions on Competence based hiring for an effective marriage between right candidate and the job in the rolls.

Work Life Balance for the corporate woman

World over there are several studies indicative of 21st Century working women at a threshold of work-life challenge leading to inefficiency and rising cost for the employers.


A particular study last year, in fact, put the Indian Working Woman at the highest risk of stress, raising an alarm bell among the corporate sector which is increasingly trying to hire more women for good diversity. According to the Nielsen survey on 6500 women from 21 countries, 87% of the Indian women felt stressed most of the time, and 82% had no time to relax. Ironically the survey points a finger at Indian companies and workplaces for creating such condition.


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