"Competence Learning partners with businesses to apply learning to enhance performance and productivity across the organization. Profits through people acquiring knowledge, skills, behavior…"




Many recent surveys have shown that successful businesses allocate on an average twice as much time and resource to training than unsuccessful businesses. This becomes particularly relevant in times of economic challenge, when training and retraining can provide a fresh approach to work that can revitalize performance.

Benefits of learning & development initiatives include improved on the job capabilities, better motivated staff, lower attrition and higher customer satisfaction scores. At Competence Learning, we help businesses apply learning to enhance performance and accelerate productivity across the organization, from your employees and sales teams to channel partners and even customers.

About Competence Learning

At Competence, we believe and understand that enhanced performance is a combination of ‘Knowledge, Skills and behavior’. This core philosophy is reflected in all our services. From content designing to training delivery and post training handholding. Our training programs are not just a stop gap intervention but we partner with our clients to use learning as one of the most impactful tools for behavior change.

At Competence, we partner with organizations to use learning to enhance workforce performance, improve sales effectiveness and strengthen customer relationships.

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